Driving Tips

Before You Put the Key in the Ignition ...

When learning to drive the degree of difficulty varies from person to person as everybody learns differently. Bearing in mind the objective is to get you a driving licence by being a safe, confident and competent driver to cope with the ever increasing demands of our roads.

During your driver training with me you will be given thorough knowledge and practice to deal with all different road types which can now also include motorways.

There's No Shame In Making Mistakes

As your driving instructor/trainer I will be proactive during your lessons to build your confidence using techniques to try to avoid mistakes before they happen. Having said that everyone can make mistakes, there is no shame and it is important to learn from them.

Getting to drive to a high standard comes with lots of hard work and practice. Top tips when learning to drive should include concentration, listening, giving lots of input yourself, trying not to panic and staying focussed so that you stay switched on until you turn the engine off.

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